How to Make a Concrete Fire Pit or Fire Bowl in 5 Easy Steps

Adding a specialty feature like a fire pit to your backyard retreat can create a relaxing atmosphere in your landscape, not to mention, it can also help to extend the use of your outdoor space in cooler seasons, adding warmth and light. Even though a fire pit can be considered special, no special tools are required for do-it-yourselfers to make one.

How to Make a Fire Pit

How to Make a DIY Concrete FirepitIf a fire pit is more to your liking, here’s how you can make one:

Step 1. Prepare an area for the fire pit, making sure it’s a solid, level foundation with base rock or sand.

Step 2. Build a wood form for pouring concrete using wood nailed together in a square or a rectangle. The form needs an exterior box and a smaller interior box that creates a five-inch gap where the concrete goes. Build the form as high as you want the fire pit, using stakes to hold the wood in place as well as to the ground. Make the entire wood form sits level.

Step 3. Reinforce the wood form, making a grid with rebar. Drive pieces of rebar vertically into the corners and along every foot inside the form. Then run rebar horizontally between the vertical rebar and tie them together with steel metal wire. Cut wire mesh or matting pieces to fit inside the form for extra reinforcement and tie it to the rebar grid with wire.

Step 4. Pour concrete inside the form, tamping down to fill any holes. Smooth off the top with a trowel and tap the forms to release the wet concrete from the forms while drying. Let the concrete dry overnight. Once the concrete is completely dry, carefully remove the wood forms.

Step 5. Add any finishing touches to your concrete fire pit, such as a slate top or fine sanding of the concrete for smoothness. Fill with fire pit about three quarters full, placing a metal fire bowl on top, so it’s flush with the top of the concrete frame. Add decorative glass around the outside of the metal fire bowl until only the top rim of the bowl is exposed.

How to Make a Fire Bowl

How to Make a DIY Concrete Fire BowlIn fact, you can craft a modern, elegant fire bowl using nothing more than concrete, a tarp, sand, some plastic sheeting and a permanent marker.

Step 1. Lay out a 10-foot by 10-foot tarp on the ground, drawing a circle on it with the permanent marker that’s at least 36 inches wide.

Step 2. Pour out a bag of fine sand in the middle of the circle, adding enough water to make it the consistency of beach sand for building a sand castle. Begin to mound the sand into an inverted bowl shape as wide and round as the tarp circle, smoothing it out with your hands or a trowel. Continue to add wet sand to the mound, until it’s as large as you want the fire bowl to be. Cover the “sand mold” with a plastic sheet to prevent moisture evaporation.

Step 3. After preparing the concrete, take the plastic sheeting off the sand mold and cover it with the wet concrete, applying in layers until the concrete is about three inches thick. Insert several straws near the top of the concrete layer through to the sand, creating drain holes for rainwater. Cover with plastic sheeting.

Step 4. While the concrete is still wet, place a board on top of the covered concrete and use a level in north-south-east-west directions, making sure the top is level and straight for the bowl to sit on when it’s inverted. Smooth out as necessary.

Step 5. Allow the covering concrete to slow dry for at least 48 hours. Once it’s dry, lift the bowl from the sand mold and remove the straws. Lightly sand the concrete fire bowl to your preferred smoothness, if needed.

Expert Advice

Stop by our store for a full line of CTS Rapid Set concrete mixes, designed to harden and set within minutes, making your job faster and simpler and allowing you to move onto the next step of your project much sooner than with other concrete mixes. If you have any questions about what to choose, pricing or how-tos, our expert staff is always on hand to help you plan your next DIY project. We’re open seven days a week!

*Photo Courtesy of The DIY Network
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19 thoughts on “How to Make a Concrete Fire Pit or Fire Bowl in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Looks like very cool of summer evenings!
    Well done, best wishes.

  2. Laurie H.

    Never thought it could be this simple, thanks for the inspiration! It both though, the bowl in particular, looks very state-of-the-art to me. I wonder whether it was possible to reuse something vintage or secondhand for it to look more rustic. I will let you know if I come up with something!
    I absolutely love diy projects, however, I quite prefer when I can make something new out of something old (like this Reusing Old Furniture). But making own fire bowl seems like load of fun too!

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  6. Bryan

    Could the center be a sandy loam? I’ve got a driveway full of it at the moment…

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  8. Trent Glasgow

    What is used on the fire bowl to make it that charcoal grey color?

  9. Rick

    Has anyone actually tried this? I’d love to see some final outcome images

    • Tony Petro

      I just started one yesterday. I ended up using 4 bags of paver sand, and 2 80lbs bags of quickrete. I didnt draw the circle, rather just eye balled it, maybe a rookie mistake but inside top is around 2.5 feet wide, has a deph of around 1.5 ft, and is around 3″ thick.
      I need to allow one more day to dry, but cant wait to get it flipped over, sanded, and a fire lit!

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  12. Ellie

    Step by step pictures would be more helpful x

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  14. Jim McCall

    Regarding your Fire Bowl, there is no mention of any kind of metal reinforcement like rebar or other type of structural addition. Is there any worry that the fire bowl would crack or otherwise not hold up with no rebar? I would imagine I would make my bowl 36 to 42″ in diameter: I have a 24″ x 24″ burner/pan to put in it. I would like to see some bigger higher resolution pictures of the bowl – it does look great though.

  15. Jim McCall

    Not to mention some holes in the side/bottom for gas line and flame adjustment.

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