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Winterize & Store Your Lawn Mower in 8 Simple Steps

How to Winterize Your Lawn MowerProperly maintained yard equipment can extend the life of your tools. Winterizing your lawn mower takes only minutes and will pay off tenfold come spring. Next year, at the first sign of warmer weather, you will be ready to venture out and tackle that unruly lawn.

8 Easy Steps to Winterize & Store a Lawn Mower

  • Empty the gas tank – Unused gas can become stale and gum up the carburetor. If you prefer to leave gas in the tank, you should fill it up completely to avoid moisture accumulation and add a fuel stabilizer. This will prevent the gas from degrading. Be sure to run the mower long enough to let the stabilizer get into the carburetor.
  • Disconnect the spark plug – This will allow you to work underneath the lawn mower safely. When you remove the plug, pour an ounce of motor oil into the cylinders and crank the engine a few times. This will help lubricate the engine. Another helpful tip: spark plugs should be replaced after every 100 hours of operation.
  • Remove the blade – By removing the blade from underneath, you are able to clean out any remaining grass or mud, as well as have easier access for changing the oil.
  • Sharpen the blade – Lawn professionals recommend that you sharpen your blade monthly during mowing season to avoid damaging the grass with a dull edge. Learn more by reading our blog on how to sharpen your mower blade.
  • Drain and change the oil – Routine oil changes will help extend the life of your motor. You can dispose of the old oil by taking it to a service station or to a repair center.
  • Clean the undercarriage – This will help prevent rust and clear any blockages from the chute. After cleaning, spray it with a silicone spray like Lube-a-Boom Clear to help prevent future build-ups.
  • Change the air filter – A dirty air filter keeps the engine from burning gas efficiently. Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual on how to clean or replace your filter.
  • Charge the battery – If you have a battery-powered starter on your mower then you will want to charge it periodically over the winter. This will help the battery retain a full charge come spring.

Find the Perfect Spot for Your Mower

Store your lawn mower in a dry, well-vented area (especially if you are leaving gas in the tank). Keep it away from heaters or furnaces. Consider removing the newly sharpened blade and storing it separately to avoid injuries. Finally, if you are going to charge your battery over the winter, either remove it for easier access or store the mower near an outlet.

To Cover or Not to Cover – Your Choice

Covering your mower is a matter of personal preference. Putting a tarp over it will keep it clean, but it can also attract some unwanted guests. Sprinkle a few moth balls around the outside of the motor to ward off any rodents that might want to build a nest inside.

A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

With a little TLC in the fall, you and your favorite lawn companion can rest easy over the cold months. Caring for your lawn mower now will allow you to hit the grass running come spring. Once again man and mower will be ready to tackle the green monster that is your lawn. Long live the mower!

Expert Advice

From pressure washers to jacks, our expert staff is always on hand to help you with winterizing your lawn and garden equipment. We service a wide variety of Honda Power Equipment including mowers and tillers. For more helpful tips on how to get ready for the cold weather, check out this post: Winterize and Maintain Your Outdoor Power Equipment. As always, if you have any questions about what to choose, pricing or how-to’s, don’t hesitate to contact us. Stop by our store — we’re open seven days a week.

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Effectively Winterize Your Home With Lube-A-Boom®

Winterize Your Home With Lube-A-BoomMany homeowners are in the process of preparing their homes and yard equipment for winter. Winterizing not only protects their property from cold weather and storm damage, it helps to maintain it –extending the life of machine parts and blocking winter’s chill from entering living space, keeping families safer and investments more viable.

Indianapolis, IN-based LAB, LLC is the maker of Lube-A-Boom®, a line of lubricants that reduces friction and provides excellent corrosion and rust protection, which helps to give machine parts a longer life. Well-known in the lift industry for specialty lubricants used on cranes, forklifts, aerial lifts, telehandlers, telescoping booms, excavators, pins, bushings, bearings, wreckers and tow trucks, Lube-A-Boom products can also assist homeowners with residential winterizing – such as Lube-A-Boom® Clear.

Lube-A-Boom® Clear Heavy-Duty Silicone Lubricant is a multi-purpose aerosol spray that is safe to use on almost any kind of surface or component, helping them to slide, roll or rotate more easily and prevent squeaking. Once applied, it lubricates and penetrates, which extends the life of components and machinery. The lubricant leaves a clear, anti-corrosive film, which is impervious to water and prevents rust. Additional benefits include:

  • Multi-purpose
  • Safe on most surfaces
  • Reduces friction
  • Provides a clear film
  • Improves water resistance

Homeowners can use Lube-A-Boom Clear much like other silicone products, penetrating oil or water-displacing spray to let windows, doors and other house features move more smoothly or close tightly. It’s also great to use if you also want a clear, water-resistant layer left on the surface rather than a black, greasy residue.

Made in the USA. Founded in 2002 by Harley and Marilyn Wilson, the Lube-A-Boom company continues to be family-owned, manufacturing its products in the United States. The product line itself was conceived after Harley Wilson determined the industry simply needed a product that “was slicker, stayed on and lasted longer,” as well as produced according to his chemical specifications. After months of formulation, field and laboratory testing, Lube-A-Boom friction reducing lubricant had its first production run in July, 2003.

Now a staple in a number of equipment manufacturing operations as well as the U.S. Marine Corps, Lube-A-Boom performs beautifully in many different environments, including extreme heat in places like Iraq to extreme cold, in places like Iceland, and works exceptionally well in coastal regions all over the world because it has excellent water and salt water resistance.

Expert Advice:

Our expert staff is always on hand to help you with all your wintering projects. We are an authorized dealer for Lube-A-Boom products. If you have any questions about what to choose, pricing or how-tos, don’t hesitate to contact us. Stop by our store — we’re open seven days a week.

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How to Easily Maintain Your Equipment with LUBE-A-BOOM

Maintaining your equipment is necessary to ensure long-life and problem-free use. However, if not done with the proper products and application, there can be disastrous consequences. And with wear and tear from constant use, the elements and age, and no replenishment from lubrication, the likelihood of experiencing a negative result increases. LAB, LLC is a leading specialty lubricant company that provides products for the lift equipment industry, in order to combat this very issue. Its LUBE-A-BOOM product line is formulated to help extend lubrication intervals and make components last longer. For a visual representation of what these products aim to accomplish, watch the following video:

What is LUBE-A-BOOM?

  • LUBE-A-BOOMThe original product, LUBE-A-BOOM, is a grease that is packaged in cartridges, pails, kegs and drums and is also available in an aerosol. It is a synthetic lubricant that contains Teflon (a trademark of Dupont) that is applicable for telescoping booms, i.e. cranes, tele-handlers, aerial lifts, boom trucks and other types of equipment, as well as applications that have sliding surfaces.
  • LUBE-A-ROPE aerosol is for wire rope, cable and chains. It contains molybdenum (moly) and graphite. This is an excellent product that penetrates, as well as, providing a lubricating film for longer life.
  • LUBE-A-BOOM DRY FILM aerosol is a dry type lubricant that uses moly to provide lubrication for applications where a wet type product is not preferred. A lot of the time, it is used in dirty environments where dirt and other foreign elements exist. This product is ideal for extendible outriggers, extendible counterweights, boom applications, forklifts and various other machines. Also, it can be used on external teeth or rotating bearings when an open gear type lubricant is not applicable. It is important to note: when using any dry film product, be sure the surface is clean and dry so it adheres.
  • LUBE-A-GEAR aerosol is an asphaltic open gear lubricant for turntable bearing applications. This product provides a cushion between gears for protection.
  • LUBE-A-BOOM CLEAR aerosol is exactly what the name implies: a clear aerosol formulation that includes silicone for sliding surfaces, linkages, latches and multiple applications. It can also be used on many different rubber materials to help them keep their resiliency.
  • Gun1LUBE-A-PIN lubricant is a synthetic grease product that contains 5% moly. It is a heavy-duty product that can extend the life of pins, bushings and bearings. It is formulated to handle heavy loads and shock loads. This product comes in cartridges, pails, kegs and drums.
  • GUN1 spray tool is easy to use and attaches to most aerosol cans. It has a large trigger that allows the user to use it with gloves on. Its popularity stems from the fact that the user does not get any product on his or her finger(s) and does not tire from pressing down on the nozzle.

Maintaining Your Equipment

It is advisable that when changing brands of products, you remove or purge as much of the old grease as possible until the new product takes over. It is recommended that the greasing interval be reduced by 50% for the next lubricating schedule and then you can resort back to the OEM recommendation (hours or miles). Going forward you can establish your own interval pending results and performance of the new product.


  • When using either the LUBE-A-BOOM or LUBE-A-PIN grease products it is a good practice to remove all dirt and grime from the zerk fittings to make sure you do not contaminate or plug the fitting. Pump enough grease into the joint, bearing or bushing until you see grease coming out. This way you are pushing out the old grease and any contaminants. Caution should be used on over greasing where rubber boots are used, as not to damage them.
  • Greasing a boom is normally done by brushing or rolling the grease on with a paint roller. Over greasing for this application will result in a waste of product and resulting mess since excess grease will fall off the boom when it is telescoped in. This can be a safety issue, especially if the lubricant falls on walk areas.
  • After applying the grease, the boom should be telescoped in and out to make sure the grease covers the full length of the boom sections. It is important that the inside wear pad areas be lubricated as well. Depending on the boom design, this can be difficult and may require some ingenuity to get into tight spaces.  The use of LUBE-A-BOOM AEROSOL is often used for this area and it is compatible with the LUBE-A-BOOM grease.


  • Aerosols are formulated as mentioned above for different applications. Each aerosol has its own spray pattern, which is designed for most applications. It is recommended you try the product on a small area to see how it performs.LUBE-A-BOOM Aerosols
  • The amount of product used will vary based upon the application and environment.
  • All LAB aerosols are environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals such as lead, antimony, etc. However, they are not food grade.

OEM Recommendations:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding specifications and intervals.
  • When using other products such as LUBE-A-BOOM, it is not unusual that the interval can be extended. You can determine this by recording and monitoring each lubricant in your maintenance program.


  • Wear proper protection when using any lubricants. Normally this includes safety glasses, proper clothing and a respirator, along with other safety items such as hard hats and steel toe shoes.
  • Do not use aerosols around electrical or open flames since they are flammable. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. For a medical emergency call the number on the label: 800-535-5053.


Maintaining your equipment and using the proper lubricants extends component life and maximizes equipment utilization that results in more profit and less money spent on repairs. Using friction-reducing lubricants aids in this process, and when used correctly can have long-lasting results. LAB, LLC is continually looking for new applications to better serve the construction and industrial equipment market, so visit the website or provide your email address for updates. And if you are interested in purchasing one of the LUBE-A-BOOM products, please visit the e-commerce department page or contact one of Runyon Equipment Rental’s sales reps here.

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