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How to Choose the Right Sod Cutter

Sod Cutter

Want to clear grass? Whether you are simply trying to clear grass from your driveway, beginning a DIY project to improve your lawn or engaging in professional landscaping, a sod cutter will make your life easier. A sod cutter does a complete job of cutting grass from the roots and exposing the bare ground underneath. The cutting blades with adjustable angles allow a fine and deep cut, even when the soil conditions and depth vary.

Sod cutters come in different types.

  • kick sod cutter is more ideal to cut long and narrow strips of sod. This cutter comes with two long handles anchored with a cross bar. Kicking the cross bar moves the cutter along.
  • motorized sod cutter is the easiest to operate and is the best option to remove large quantities of sod. The operator raises the blade and sets the cutter in place before lowering the blade, starting the engine, shifting into gear and beginning the cutting process. The blade may be adjusted depending on the depth of the cut required.

It makes sense to rent a sod cutter rather than buy one, as you do not need this tool on a daily basis, and it is imperative to choose the right type of sod cutter to ensure a job well done, without breaking your back. Motorized sod cutters require extensive maintenance, including monitoring the oil levels, regular cleaning and adjustments, as well as installation of replacement blades. Renting a sod cutter often makes more financial sense and offers you flexibility as well.

Whether you choose to rent or buy, a sod cutter can make any landscaping job a breeze. Check out your options and decide which type of cutter is the right one for you and your job!

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Tempe Thompson is a sales and inventory expert at Runyon Equipment Rental. She has over 35 years of experience and has accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise. She could talk for hours about how to use all of Runyon’s tools and equipment, in addition to suggesting which type corresponds to a certain application.

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