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The Indispensable Benefits of Having a Forklift in Your Warehouse

Want to lift or transport heavy goods?  The obvious solution that comes to the mind is using a forklift. The fork-like prongs of a forklift slide underneath any load and scoop it up easily, ready to transport loads to a new location, regardless of the weight or bulk of the cargo. The weight at the rear of the forklift truck offsets the weight of the load lifted at the front.

ForkliftsThe utility of forklifts however, extends far beyond lifting weights. For instance, forklift trucks make a much cheaper alternative to hiring snow ploughs. Forklifts can clear parking lots, front yards and walkways of snow as well.

Forklifts have now become an indispensable requirement for construction sites, warehouses, dockyards, recycling centers and many other commercial and domestic operations. But not everyone requires forklifts on a regular basis, and even if they do, individuals, and for that matter most small and medium businesses cannot afford the huge investment it takes to purchase a forklift. Moreover, buying comes with the difficulty of regular maintenance, without which, the forklift becomes risky to operate.

Renting a forklift is often a more plausible solution for many individuals or small businesses. With forklift rentals, you can opt for the most appropriate type of forklift for each task – larger ones for heavier jobs and smaller ones for lighter jobs. Forklifts come in many types and sizes, ranging from small, pedestrian-operated machines to heavy-duty, driver-operated trucks. They are also distinguished as either compact or narrow trucks, which can navigate narrow aisles to shelf stackers that can store goods on racking systems at large heights.

Determining which type of forklift you need is the first step in getting the job done. Once you’ve determined which type you need, deciding to purchase or rent a forklift will make your moving and lifting jobs much simpler. Forklifts also require less manpower, saving you a substantial amount of money, as well as cutting down on the risks of injuring employees during heavy-lifting tasks.

About the Author

Jack Runyon is the president of Runyon Equipment Rental. He has 21 years of rental experience, as the 3rd generation son to carry on the family tradition and his grandfather’s vision. He prides the company for its devotion to ethics, quality products and customer service. Jack is known for his passion and vast expertise.

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