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Give Your Floors a Touch of Epoxy for Added Protection and Shine

Over time, the application of concrete epoxy coatings has become an essential part of maintenance and overhauling. Considering the nature of paint, epoxy is used to coat the floors in garages and other areas that need protection from heat and chemicals. By and large, this is a DIY project you can complete easily once you understand the process.

Concrete EpoxyWhy is Two-Component Epoxy Better?
There are two kinds of epoxies – single component and two-component. Both are easily available. The one you should essentially choose is the two-component version as it has many advantages. It comes in two separate forms and needs to be mixed in a predetermined ratio. It can be thinned down just a bit to add a colorant. Two-component epoxy benefits:

  • Anti-slip properties
  • Dry harder and are durable
  • Easy to maintain and protect your concrete well
  • Different colors epoxy floor colors are available in shades of grey or tan, and in most cases with added paint chips to help you up the color quotient of your flooring

Application of Epoxy:
1. Prep your Floor: the first step in prepping your floor is to do a moisture test on the concrete. Here is how:

  • Use plastic: take a piece of plastic, maybe a large Ziploc bag, and tape it to the floor. Make sure that you do not allow any air into it. Leave it in place for a day and then take it off the concrete.
  • Begin when dry: if the patch of concrete below is dark, or you find condensation on the Ziploc, then your floor is moist and will not hold on to the paint. You can only begin when it is dry.

2. Clean the Floor

  • Spray detergent and water: the floor also has to be super clean before you begin, so moisten your floor. Next mix together a laundry detergent proportionately with 5 gallons of water and spray it all over your floor.
  • Scrub the floor: spend a good amount of time scrubbing your floor with a bristled brush and then rinse off with a strong pressured water nozzle.

3. Get Rid of Stains

  • Use degreaser: you may have a few grease or oil stains that persist. You can get rid of them by pouring a bit of degreaser over the stain and scrubbing it away.
  • Use rough sand: put a bit of rough sand on it and press it down. Let it sit that way for a day. The next day you just have to sweep the sand away and your stain will be gone.

4. Etch the Concrete

  • So the paint sticks: this is an important part of the process because it opens up the concrete and allows the paint to stick to the floor in the right manner. Using a resurfacing grinder tool can help.
  • Follow product instructions: most epoxy kits will come with their etching product, so all you have to do is follow the instructions.
  • Or check with the store: if instructions are not provided you can always get it from an expert here at Runyon Equipment Rental.

5. Apply your Paint

  • In batches: work in batches of around 6 X 6 inches at a time. This is important if you plan to use paint chips.
  • Use aggregate: always throw them up into the air and have them land on the fresh paint, rather than flinging a handful directly onto the paint. The randomness you get is much better this way.

Finish by Sealing and Coating
You will have to use an epoxy joint filler to seal in the edges of the floor and can wrap up the process with a glossy coat of clear epoxy.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to prep your floor the right way before you apply the epoxy. Also, following the instructions on the package to the ‘T’ is essential.

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