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How-To Properly Deck Your Home in Christmas Lights

Deck Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, which means if you don’t already have your Christmas lights and outdoor decorations put up, now is the time. It’s always so fun getting in a festive Christmas spirit, and decking out your house with lights creates the perfect ambiance. However, in order to hang lights properly it’s important to understand which ladder is right for the job.

Lifts Versus Ladders
  • Boom lifts are ideal for really involved light displays, especially for tall buildings, churches, homes and trees, a boom lift may be your best bet. They can reach much higher than a ladder and they’re sturdy and easily mobile. The Cities of Westfield and Carmel and many churches use a 56′ towable lift for instance. This is useful if you are hanging lights on a large spruce tree for the top.
  • Extension or step ladders are more suited for doing lights around your roof. When choosing an extension ladder, consider one that is about 6″ taller than your highest point so it lays securely on the roof.  Another thing to consider is the pitch so the ladder will extend over bushes and other landscaping, so as not to damage anything.
Other Helpful Christmas Lighting Accessories
  • Gloves are super helpful when hanging lights on bushes and trees. Truly, I learned the hard way and ended up with multiple small cuts on both hands.
  • You will also need extension cords. When purchasing cord/s, you want to look for outdoor cords, specifically made for outside lights (able to withstand low temperatures). Also, 10/3 can hold more amps than 12/3. Be mindful not to overload the outlet so as not to trip your breaker.
  • Staple guns are also ideal for securing lights and garlands to the roof or other areas of your home. There are even staplers specifically made for roofs and siding.
Tempe Tips

Inside your home, be leery of how you position window candles. I burned my wooden shutters in the window with one of those fake window candles. Little candelabra light bulbs do get very hot, so make sure they are on only when window curtains, shutters, blinds, etc. are open.

For more tips on how to choose a ladder and safety tips when putting up your Christmas lights and decorations, check out this past blog post. For general holiday safety tips, read this post. Also, feel free to reach out with any questions about which equipment to use, additional tips and pricing.

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