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The Future of Masonry Cutting: the iQ360, a Dust Control, Silica-Free Solution

Masonry cutting is a necessary task on many construction job sites. However, with masonry cutting comes an inevitable amount of dust and dirt. Dust from these materials contains silica, a hot word in the industry lately, which is associated with many health-related issues. Now, you may know all this already, but one thing you may not know is that there is actually a dust control masonry saw in the market that eliminates this pesky problem entirely! The iQ360 from iQ Power Tools is revolutionary in the industry for its unique and innovative dust control design. And what better way to exhibit this than via a demo – check out the following videos from iQ Power Tools for a clearer picture:

So to delve a little deeper, let’s explore both dry and wet masonry cutting and the problems they cause.

Dry Cutting

In dry cutting applications dust potentially covers an entire site, which means daily maintenance. This gets to be costly and inefficient for you and your workers. And since the health and safety of your employees is vital, providing a safe environment is not really an option. With this said, the recent controversy over OSHA becoming more stringent with its standards on permissible silica and dust output has begun to change behavior and construction machinery choices. Exposure limits have to be below a certain level now, and not all masonry saws can boast the benefits that the iQ360 can.

Shameless plug, the iQ360 really is a phenomenal product, with virtually no dust cutting.

  • There is no clean-up
  • It meets new OSHA standards
  • It ensures the health and safety of workers and employees

Wet Cutting


Wet cutting, although seemingly a better alternative in that it can eliminate some dust, creates another nightmare in the form of slurry. Slurry, in all its watery slop glory, only succeeds in producing an even bigger mess. Again, this liquid would need to be cleaned up and maintained after every work day. But again, the iQ360 completely negates the need for wet cutting application at all.

All-in-all, the iQ360 meets a current industry need for a convenient, mobile, dust control masonry saw. The numbers speak for themselves – 99.5% of dust is captured by the iQ360 during cutting applications both inside and outside. Additionally, this dust control masonry saw cuts through brick, stone, pavers and tile, and its design allows for the cutting of larger materials. These are only a few of the major benefits of the iQ360 – visit the product page to learn more. Or, if you are sold already, you can request a quote to rent or buy one here!

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