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How to Deep Clean Your Tile Floor

Deep cleaning tile floor

Tile floors may be dirt-resistant and seem impervious to deterioration, but they do require deep cleaning by scrubbing, over and above the regular sweeping and vacuuming, to keep them pristine and stain-free.

Tools Required

Tile Floor Cleaning Process

The method to deep clean tile floors with a view to remove stains and clean grout is as follows:

  • Clean the floor: Steam clean the tiles using a floor scrubber with either a nylon or brass brush, depending on the durability of the tile. Connect the steam hose, nozzle and extension tubes as per instructions, fill the reservoir with water, and turn it on. The dual counter rotating brushes facilitate variable cleaning pressure. Cover the floor section by section. Steam cleaning may not be sufficient to eradicate stains or remove grout, the two major pains of tile floors, especially where there is a lot of traffic on the floor.
  • Remove stains: The manual method of removing stains is to prepare a 50:50 mixture of scouring powder and warm water, rubbing the paste atop the stain, scrubbing it in after five to ten minutes, and then washing it away with warm water. Here, simply run the scrubber over the solution rather than manually wash it away.
  • Oxygen bleach treatment: To remove tougher stains repeat the process, but with a 75:25 mixture of oxygen bleach and water, instead of scouring powder and water. Hydrogen peroxide and soda ash comprise oxygen bleach. The oxygen ions in the bleach attach to stain molecules and break them down into small pieces, making it easy to wipe clean.
  • Chlorine bleach treatment: For even tougher stains, replace oxygen bleach with chlorine bleach.
  • Clean the grout: Use a walk-behind grout hog to clean grout. The rotating brush of the grout hog cleans the dirt from the grout lines and also performs an additional level of cleaning on the tile surface.

Tile floor scrubbing machines and grout hog make cleaning tiled floors very easy and effortless. The real secret to a great-looking tile floor is clean grout. Grout is porous and absorbs grease and other stains.

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