How to Benefit Most From a Wood Chipper

Know Your Wood Chipper

Wood chippers can be differentiated on the basis of the way they cut chips. Choose yours depending on how you are going to use the chips.

  • You have the drum chipper which can handle large loads at one time and churn out a range of wood chips, though not in even sizes.
  • There is the disc chipper that slices into wood at a 45 degree angle. This is by far the most efficient of wood chipper models and can turn out evenly sized chips.
  • The third kind is the screw chipper which has a blade that is shaped like a screw. The sizes of the screws are changeable, thus giving you even shapes of chips as you require them.

With the right wood chipper in hand, it is merely a question of feeding in the wood to get the job done.

Wood ChippersUses of Wood Chips

Besides making mulch, wood chips can be used for several other purposes. A brilliant use of wood chips would be as fuel. It is a good source of biomass fuel, making it environment friendly, as well as energy efficient. If you are using it in your homes, you could use the chips in place of firewood. They can be lit up in much the same way and you can add bigger quantities of the chips to ensure your fire burns for a longer time.

They can also be used to heat up large buildings as a replacement to traditional forms of heating that are power based. There are systems that have been put in place to use chips in large boilers for even distribution of heat.

An interesting use of wood chips is for decoration. A large number of interior designers are now incorporating them into their designs to create wood chip paintings, murals and even furniture, which can be done by mixing other organic substances with it.

Rent vs. Buy

Rather than invest in one, a wood chipper rental can be a more feasible option. You can choose the model that best suits your purposes and be sure that it is well maintained and in good condition. All the accessories are provided along with it, and at the end of its usage you can always give it back. It gives you a chance to experiment with the different models around and see what best suits you.

About the Author

Jack Runyon is the president of Runyon Equipment Rental. He has 21 years of rental experience, as the 3rd generation son to carry on the family tradition and his grandfather’s vision. He prides the company for its devotion to ethics, quality products and customer service. Jack is known for his passion and vast expertise.

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2 thoughts on “How to Benefit Most From a Wood Chipper

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  2. Thanks for helping me learn more about wood chips and using a wood chipper. I actually didn’t know that getting a rental of a wood chipper is a good option because you can pick out the model you need. That being said, it’s probably important that you are aware of the different models and how they function so you know which one is the best option to get.

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