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How to Deep Clean Your Carpet Like a Pro

Carpet CleanerCarpets add texture, pattern and color to the floor. However, they require regular cleaning, over and above routine vacuuming, to protect from damage caused by dirt and grit, and to clean stains that accumulate over time. There are two methods of cleaning carpets: hot water extraction and dry extraction. The former is the most common and the most thoroughly used technique in homes and small establishments, and is the less expensive option as well.

It is easy to hot water extract your carpets clean as a DIY project, provided you have the right tools at your disposal. The two major items required are a commercial hot water extraction carpet cleaner and a professional carpet cleaning solution.

  • Before starting the actual cleaning, remove all furniture and other objects from the floor, and vacuum the carpet thoroughly.
  • Use a commercial hot water extraction carpet cleaner to apply the cleaning solution to the carpet and then pull the dirty solution back into the machine. As the cleaner is moved across the carpet surface with the button pressed, the spray extractor applies the cleaning concentrate on the carpet, agitates the carpet fibers with a floating cylinder brush, then extracts or vacuums the solution back up. This removes the grime and grit from the carpet into a recovery tank for the dirty solution.
  • For heavy traffic lanes such as hallways and in front of sofas and chairs, feel free to repeat the cleaning more than once or twice.
  • After the entire surface is cleaned, to make sure that the carpet dries within a few hours, rent a carpet fan blower. This will dry the carpet faster just like a blow dryer for your hair. This may be especially important if an activity is planned a few hours after cleaning.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the texture of the carpet and the traffic it sees. Normally, once or twice a year will suffice, though with light-colored carpet, kids and pets that stain the carpet, and high traffic areas, it may require cleaning more often. Removing the grit at the base of the fibers with a commercial machine preserves the life of the carpet. The extractor removes abrasive grit that prevents the fibers from by being chewed up.

A commercial machine is much stronger and more thorough than grocery store carpet cleaners. Commercial machines have more than twice the pressure from spray jets and more vacuum recovery power, removing more dirt and recovering nearly all the solution sprayed down for quicker drying times. Commercial machines also utilize a floating cylinder brush that rotates at 800 rpms, safely brushing carpet fibers clean. Commercial cleaning solutions also offer a variety of professional cleaning for removing tough stains like wine, kool-aid, makeup, black grease, tar and urine.

Cleaning your carpet like a professional simply requires using the equipment and cleaning solutions that professionals use. Renting a commercial machine assures you are using the latest and most professional equipment available. To learn more, instructions on how to easily use these cleaners are always available at Runyon Equipment Rental.

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Jack Runyon is the president of Runyon Equipment Rental. He has 21 years of rental experience, as the 3rd generation son to carry on the family tradition and his grandfather’s vision. He prides the company for its devotion to ethics, quality products and customer service. Jack is known for his passion and vast expertise.

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