What Everyone Ought to Know About Boom Lifts

Boom LiftsBoom lifts, also known as cherry pickers, help you reach heights easily. It’s articulating boom arms and extendable baskets allow a person to access normally out of reach work areas and also work in safety and comfort with their entire range of tools on hand.

Boom lifts are common equipment that serve multiple purposes. Below are some examples of how our customers use them:

  • Lifting workers to pick fruits from tall trees
  • Building maintenance workers use boom lifts for painting, cleaning windows and carrying out façade work in higher floors
  • Utility workers use boom lifts to service and repair telephones and electrical cables
  • Miners and workers in underground locations use boom lifts to descend to the ground and work in potentially unsafe locations
  • Boom lifts are in many places the only way to access high-standing billboards
  • Boom lifts are the best option to transport materials to elevated places from a distance

Most boom lifts are battery powered by hydraulic mechanism. The operator has the controls to move and adjust the height of the telescoping arm, as required. The operator in the bucket can control to adjust the position of the bucket. Automatic safety controls prevent tipping over.

Boom lifts makes for a more versatile alternative to scissor lifts for many jobs. Unlike the latter, it is possible to maneuver it both horizontally and vertically, in a wide range. Using the boom lift, workers operating from a restricted base can reach out to elevated positions a distance away from the base as well. Boom lifts also have strong stabilizer legs, making them more stable. When you expect to have to scale heights or drop down several feet, make sure you have a boom lift ready for use, so you can accomplish your task easily and efficiently.

Renting a boom lift offers significant cost-savings. You pay only for what you use. You do not have to use a significant amount of your capital on machinery. You are spared the hassle of storing and maintaining and also get to select the latest and the most relevant machine, rather than having to make do with a single machine that may not suit your purpose.

About the Author

Jack Runyon is the president of Runyon Equipment Rental. He has 21 years of rental experience, as the 3rd generation son to carry on the family tradition and his grandfather’s vision. He prides the company for its devotion to ethics, quality products and customer service. Jack is known for his passion and vast expertise.

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9 thoughts on “What Everyone Ought to Know About Boom Lifts

  1. The multiple use of boom lift makes it more significant.

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  3. It seems like there are many uses to boom lifts. Usually, when I think of using a boom lift, I think of construction workers using them when working on buildings. Making use of boom lifts for picking fruits from tall trees seems like a great use for them. Are they commonly used by farm workers? I can see why they would be commonly used in orchards and fields that require a lot of fruit to be picked from trees.

  4. Thanks for the information

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  6. Yes, It is very easy to reach bigger heights with use of Boom lifts or cherry picker. Hence, buying such equipment vehicles is not recommended and people take boom lift on hire for any such work which needs elevation help.

  7. Thank you for the information. Also a boom lift should be used by a proper licensed operators to avoid any accidents. For people who don’t know how to drive Boom lifts are suggested to hire boom lifts on rent.

  8. Amazing information shared about boom lift access equipment. Even boom lift, scissor lift are used as multipurpose equipment which make workers job easier and safe. I would like to share some more information about boom lifts equipment to hire it on rent. Visit: https://goo.gl/pgKSW8

  9. Hey, Thanks for the information about boom lift rental.
    Boom is a type of equipment that is used in Aerial Work Platform (AWP); it provides much greater flexibility than a scissor lift. Mtandt Lanka, provide boom lift rental in Sri Lanka.

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