Concrete Grinders Make for a Handy DIY Tool

A concrete grinder is a handy tool for anyone seeking to upgrade the appearance of his or her home or office. It serves multiple purposes, providing finish for graffiti-covered surfaces, smoothing rough edges, and also roughing up floors before applying the finish.Concrete Grinder

Concrete grinders come in many different kinds, ranging from small, hand-held angle grinders to heavy-duty industrial equipment that polishes concrete, granite or marble. The grinders also differentiate by being suitable for wet concrete, dry concrete or both. Small angle grinders work well as a DIY tool.

The key to operating concrete grinders is handling the power switches diligently. However, a smooth operation requires adhering to time tested tips and best practices:

  • For a smooth and uniform finish, ensure that the motor reaches its operational speed before grinding the surface. A good practice is to press down the handle before starting the machine, to release pressure from the grinding disc. The resulting weight shift allows the motor to reach its operating speed smoothly. Once the operational speed is attained, settle the grinder on the slab and begin grinding the surface.
  • Concrete grinder wheels have two settings: transportation and grinding. Always make sure that the concrete grinder wheel setting is correct. Grinding when the wheel setting is for transportation or vice-versa may damage the accessories.
  • When grinding, move the machine from side to side to eliminate swirl marks on the surface.
  • The machine uses an abrasive, usually diamond grinding cup wheels, to grind or polish the surface. The shine depends on the grit of the abrasive surface. Grit starts as low as six, and 1800 provides the highest shine for a floor surface.

Concrete grinder rental offers significant cost-savings. You pay only for what you use. You do not have to use a significant amount of your capital on machinery, and you also do not suffer from the machinery depreciating in value over time. You are spared the hassle of storing and maintaining the machinery, and also get to select the latest and the most relevant machine, rather than having to make do with a single machine that may not suit your purpose.

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2 thoughts on “Concrete Grinders Make for a Handy DIY Tool

  1. Lukas

    You mentioned that this tool is suitable for concrete, but is it good for this type of floors- Epoksidinės grindys dangos ? Or should I choose smth else? Thank you for your answer 🙂

  2. Excellent article! We are linking to this great article on our site.

    Keep up the good writing.

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